Top Tips

What advice would you give to students and parents?

Tick     Students should talk to parents about their interests and discuss which subjects they enjoy and do well in.

Tick     Students should consider what they would like to do in the future and what subjects would help them to achieve this.

Tick     Together, research post-16 courses and consider which subjects would be relevant.

Tick     Encourage variety in the subjects chosen by students – this will allow for greater choice post-16

Tick     Choose subjects for the right reasons:

The right reasons
I am good at this subject
I know that this subject will help me to achieve my post-16 ambitions
I want to keep my options open so I have chosen a broad range of subjects
I have achieved good marks and feedback in that subject
The wrong reasons
I like the teacher
All my friends are doing this subject
All the other choices are too difficult / boring


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Key Dates

From Monday, 7 January

A letter is sent home to parents outlining the Process.

Wednesday, 16 January

Students have an assembly about the process. In PSHE, students go through the Curriculum Guidance Portal and fill in Interview Preparation Forms.

From Monday, 21 January

Students and parents receive an invitation to Curriculum Guidance Evening and details of the interview date, time and place.

Thursday 24 January, 6.00-8.00pm

Curriculum Guidance Evening: parents and students have the opportunity to talk to teachers about the subjects in which they are interested.

By Friday 25 January

All students submit their Interview Preparation Form and their Choices Form.

From Monday 28 January

Interviews begin. Every student is interviewed by a senior member of staff.