General Information

  • Individual exam timetable – all students will receive an exam timetable stating the date and time of each exam.
  • Timetable clashes – students with timetable clashes will be given an adjusted timetable outlining arrangements for taking each exam, including supervision between exams where appropriate.
  • Supervision between exams - if students are being supervised between exams, they must not leave the exam room at the end of their first exam as security may be compromised. They will be given instructions by the invigilator.
  • Candidate number – this can be found on a student’s exam timetable. It will need to be entered on every exam paper
  • Desk number – for each exam students will be allocated a desk number e.g. A3, C17. The desk number for each exam is shown on a student’s exam timetable.
  • Entering personal details on exam papers – students will need to write their legal surname and forename and candidate number on all exam papers and additional sheets. They should use capital letters and remember to sign papers if required.
  • Stationery & Equipment – students must ensure they take into the exam room all the equipment they will need for each exam. They should not rely on equipment being available in the exam room. Equipment must be in a clear pencil case/bag. Students should always write in black ink.
  • Mobile phones – mobile phones (and other electronic devices including data watches) are not allowed in the exam room. Students face disqualification should they have any electronic device on their person during an exam.
  • Water – water may be taken into the exam room. Bottles must be clear with all labels removed. Food is not allowed in the exam room
  • Exam rooms – the majority of exams in the summer will be held in the Sports Hall & Science Block. Students should check their timetable to ensure that they go to the correct room.
  • Arrival times – students should arrive at their exam room at least 15 minutes before the start of an exam. If students arrive late this has a knock-on effect on all exams scheduled that day. If students arrive very late for an exam, their paper may not be accepted by the examining board. Unless specified otherwise, morning exams start at 9.00am and afternoon exams start at 2.00pm
  • In the exam room - listen carefully to the instructions given by the invigilator at the beginning of each exam. If you need help during an exam, you should raise your hand to attract an invigilator’s attention.
  • JCQ Information for Candidates – these JCQ documents can be found on the exams pages of the Grange School website. Students must read the documents as they summarise rules and regulations associated with exams. Any breach of exam rules will lead to disciplinary action by the school in addition to any action taken by the exam board.
  • Problems on the day – if students are unwell or have other problems on the day of an exam, they should telephone the school by 8.30am.

If students/parents have any queries or concerns, please contact Mrs Cath Swart, Examinations Officer. Email or phone 01202 486536.