Parents who live apart

GRA Uniform 1It is our sincere desire that parents are given every opportunity to support their children in their education. We understand, however, that sometimes parents live apart for a variety of reasons and if this is the case, we will try to ensure that we put equal amounts of effort into communicating with both parents regarding their child’s welfare and education.

We will also do whatever is possible to avoid exacerbating the effects of parents ceasing to live together on children.

We therefore ask that if you are a parent who does not live with your child and you have parental responsibility that you please make sure that you let us know by contacting Mrs Julie Brolan. If any Court Orders are in place, then we will need to see a copy.

SIMS Parent app

Once we have verified that you have parental responsibility we will supply you with a username and password so that you have access to the same information about your child as the resident parent. This will give access to your child’s reports, review grades, attendance information and timetable.

In addition, we will endeavour to send copies of any letters to both parents by email, or by post where agreed.

Parents’ Evenings

With respect to parents’ evenings, we regret that we are unable to offer more than one appointment between a teacher and family member(s), whether parents are together or not. We therefore ask parents to liaise with each other so that you are able to coordinate your appointments.

We use an online booking system for parents’ evenings and further details will follow in due course regarding this. If individual parents do find this difficult then please liaise with the relevant Year Office so that we can see how we can best offer support.

Additional Information

If you find that you need additional information or feel that you would like us to improve our practice, then please do not hesitate to let us know because we want to be able to do everything possible to enable all parents to play an active part in their children’s lives. You can contact us initially via



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