Mental Health and Wellbeing

Mental Health is developed during childhood and teenage years and patterns are set for their future life. This means that a child with good mental health is more likely to be an adult with good mental health.

Children and young people with good mental health do much better in all aspects of life and are able to do better in school. Building emotional resilience is key as it enables them to deal with stress and stressful situations.

Approximately 850,00 children aged 5-16 have mental health problems; that’s roughly three children in every classroom.

We understand that both parents and students may need help and support from the school in terms of students’ mental health and wellbeing. Mrs Burke and Mrs Emery (in Pastoral Support) are happy to support students and signpost parents to the most appropriate agency.

The links below may be of help to both students and parents:        (over 16s)        (online course)