At The Grange School, we are on a journey of rapid school improvement and we are committed to ensuring we provide the very best education for every single one of our students.

It is a privilege to lead The Grange School and work with such incredible young people, helping them to shape their future.

We continue to be inspired by their talents not only in lessons and learning but also in their community work, music, on the stage, the sports field and the many other extra-curricular activities in which our students not only participate in but lead. Their enjoyment of learning and enthusiasm for life never ceases to amaze us.

The Grange School has a real sense of community where our young people care about each other and their school wanting the very best for themselves and others so that they can progress on to university, top apprenticeships and high quality employment in our local area. We are very lucky to have many local businesses and employers working closely with us to ensure we are able to support our students to achieve their very best. As they continue to grow in confidence, understanding, and aspiration, it is really rewarding for us all to be able to guide and lead our young people on their journey to become mature and confident young adults.

We are delighted to be part of Twynham Learning Multi-Academy Trust, a growing trust of primary and secondary schools in and around Christchurch. This is a very special group of schools with one very important aim: to share the very best practice and ensure all the young people in our schools receive a world-class education that sets them on their path to success.

The Grange School is a special place with the sharp focus on learning and the highest expectations in everything that we do. We hope that you and your child are able to work with us on this very special journey, giving a ‘100% for a 100%’ in all that we do.

We hope that you and your child enjoy your time with us and that you make the most of the many opportunities that are available to students and parents alike.


Mrs L Garman 

Head of School

Mrs liz garman


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  • October 1, 2021 It's great to have the opportunity to support schools in the Christchurch PE and School Sport Partnership at their annual conference today. We look forward to delivering our 'What makes High Quality PE?' workshop this morning. 🏉🏏🎯 Read more
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  • September 30, 2021 We feel privileged and excited to have welcomed so many parents to this evening for our joint Open Evening. Absolutely driven to provide the very best education for all of our young people across Christchurch. Read more
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