Cycling Safety

We want to encourage students to cycle to school and to be safe when doing so. For this reason, any student who cycles to school (even if only occasionally) must hold an up-to-date cycle permit, which is renewed annually and which must be carried by the student when cycling to and from school. Any contravention of the Cycling Safety Code (shown below) could lead to the permit being withdrawn. In the case of a student arriving or leaving without a helmet, they may not be allowed to take their cycle away from the school site even if they insist that they are walking it home (it will be stored securely).

Cycling Safety Code

  1. The cycle MUST be in a roadworthy condition.
  2. The student MUST cycle in a SAFE manner and show consideration for other road users and pedestrians.
  3. The student MUST wear a cycle helmet in the approved manner.

It should be noted that the school cannot accept responsibility for the security of cycles on school premises and we strongly advise that your son/daughter has a good quality lock for their cycle (ideally a solid D-lock).  We are currently liaising with our local police team to offer options for increasing security (including discounts on locks and security tagging) and we will be in touch shortly regarding this.

To apply for this year’s permit please complete the correct page of your child's logbook and ensure that they attend the correct year office to have this stamped.

Even if your son/daughter has held a cycle permit previously, we would be grateful if you would follow the process again this year, as it is important that we have an up-to-date record of who is cycling to school.