Our admissions are dealt with by the Local GRA Uniform 2Education Authority. Applications can be made by post, or online by visiting

The deadline for applications for Year 7 for September 2021 is 31st October 2020.

For the normal admissions round for Year 7, where parents are applying for places before the closing date, then children living in the catchment area will normally be allocated a place at The Grange School, as will children who already have a brother or sister who attend school here.

In addition to our Open Mornings and Induction Day, we have a dedicated Year 6 Transitions Portal on the website which will be available from the Summer Term.

To apply for a place in a year group other than Year 7, or outside the normal round of admissions, please contact us directly on 01202 486536.

Please find below further information regarding the admissions and induction process, and advice for parents who live apart on the left of this page.

Our Catchment Area

GRA Catchment Area

Open Mornings

Open Mornings take place during the autumn term of the year preceding that of admission, and are an opportunity for prospective parents to meet with students, senior staff and the Heads of School as well as to generally observe the culture of the school by viewing lessons and taking a tour of the school.

Due to the current coronavirus pandemic it means that we are unlikely to be able to run open mornings as we have done in previous years. 

We are currently reviewing our plans in regards to Open Mornings and will update this section of the website when we know more.

This year, the Open Mornings will be on:

To book a place, please contact the school directly on 01202 486536.

In the spring and summer terms prior to admission, members of our staff visit the primary schools and make themselves known to the students who will be joining the school in September. Detailed discussions take place with Year 6 primary school teachers, especially in terms of drawing up all-ability tutor groups for Year 7.

Induction Day

All new Year 7 students spend an Induction Day at school during the first week in July, meeting their new teachers and classmates and familiarising themselves with the school. At the end of the school day, parents have the opportunity to meet with the Heads of School, Head of Year and tutors.

In addition to this, the first day of the school year in September is for Year 7 students only, to help them find their way around the site and settle into the school before the main body of students returns the following day.

Starting School in Years 8, 9, 10, 11 or Mid-Year

If you wish to apply to the school for a place for a child in a year group other than Year 7, or for a Year 7 child other than through the normal Year 7 admissions process, then please do feel free to contact the school directly on 01202 486536.