Top Tips for a Smooth Transition to Secondary School

Please find below some ideas to help you and you child make a smooth transition from Primary education to Secondary.

In July & August

  • Encourage your child to come along to Induction Day. It will be a great chance to meet the other students in their year group and tutor group.
  • We recommend that students have an alarm clock, or set an alarm on their phone. Secondary school starts a little bit earlier than primary school.
  • We suggest that students practise tying and untying their tie if they haven't worn one before - this will make getting ready in the morning and changing for PE quicker.
  • Help your child to work out their route to school; encourage them to practise it and time it so that they know exactly where to go and when to leave in the mornings.
  • Make sure that they have a strong bag for all their books.
  • Buy the new school uniform and PE Kit. Try them on and label everything clearly with the student's name.
  • Stock up on stationery and equipment (pens, pencils, a ruler, an eraser, a scientific calculator and a set of headphones).
  • Make sure that your child knows when school starts and finishes.
  • Think about the end of the day - do you need to get a house key cut or your child?

And on the first day, encourage your child to:

  • Find out where the toilets are.
  • Find out where lunch is served and how to use the canteen.
  • Make copies of their timetable when you get home - one for their planner, one for home, and one for their blazer pocket!
  • Exchange phone numbers with new friends so that if they do have a problem, for example with homework, someone will be able to help you.
  • Ask if they are unsure about something, or lost.
  • Try to eat breakfast, even if they are nervous. It will help them with the earlier start!

And beyond...

  • Encourage your child to use their logbook - it is essential to keep them on top of homework and all the other things to remember.
  • Never be afraid to ask for help.
  • Ask them to find out about clubs so that they can spend more time doing things they love.
  • Encourage your child to pack their school bag the night before, so that they always have what they need for the day ahead.
  • Create a space at home where they can do their homework.
  • Students should relax and try to enjoy their new school. This time next year, they will be showing the new Year 7s around!