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November 21st 2019

Budding Scientists take part in the Faraday Challenge

Year 8 – The IET Faraday challenge

Six of our Year 8 students recently took part in the IET Faraday challenge held at Arnewood School, a fantastic opportunity to expand their love of science and engineering. This year there will be a total of 214 IET Faraday Challenge Days taking place between September 2019 and June 2020 in schools across the United Kingdom. Each IET Faraday Challenge Day involves six school teams, each made up of six 12-13 year olds who are interested in either Science, Design & Technology, Mathematics or Engineering.

The students were challenged with the design and production of a product (details of which must be kept secret due to the challenge being nationwide). This required considerable teamwork, concentration, imagination, and hard work. Attributes that our students showed throughout the day. Unfortunately the Grange was not the winning team this year, but our students did our school proud with their behaviour and impressive nature of their final product.   

Leo Daly “I enjoyed having the challenge and working in a team”