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July 26th 2019

Bourne Free

The Grange School teamed up with BCP Council at the Bourne Free Festival Parade in July 2019. This was the first year when students from Years 7 to 11 participated in the parade and they made their presence known by getting stuck into the theme of ‘paint the word with your pride.’ Students began by covering themselves with powder paint then followed the procession through Bournemouth Town Centre. The students ended the day with a milkshake, giving them an opportunity to reflect upon the days’ event.

The Grange will next be teaming up with BCP Council at the Arts By The Sea Festival on 28th and 29th September 2019. Students will spend one day displaying their art work at Bournemouth Library to members of the public and on day two, students will participate in the festival parade which takes place at Bournemouth Town Centre.

Bourne Free

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