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November 21st 2018

Food Technology News

It has been a busy year so far in the Food Technology department!

Year 10Food Year 10

Year 10 Food & Motor Vehicle students are studying the Enhanced Cookery Course and have been taking part in a number of masterclasses run by local professional chef Ian Hewitt.

Chef Ian has been demonstrating a number of cookery techniques and is then on-hand to assist and guide the students whilst they try out their new-found skills. So far they have made meat-balls with a tomato sauce and a Thai green curry. They have been shown how to bone a chicken and make a chasseur, and most recently they filleted sea bass and created filo pastry parcels with bass, lemon and fennel.

Another activity this group have taken part in is a trip to the walled vegetable garden at the local five star hotel, The Chewton Glen. Whilst there the group spoke to the hotel staff about the growing and use of seasonal fruit and vegetables in the hotel restaurants.

This work will lead the group into their Home Cooking Skills course.

Year 11Food Year 11

Another local Chef, Colin Nash, is Head Chef at The Three Tuns in Bransgore and has also been working in the school. His demonstrations are part of the Christchurch Food Festival Education Trust (CFFET), a local charity run by a Board of Trustees set up by the Christchurch Food Festival. The idea was to promote healthy eating and cooking skills to the residents of Christchurch and district by visiting local schools and providing food days to encourage children.

Colin, like Chef Ian, demonstrated boning a chicken but went on to create a sweet and sour dish served in a poppadom. Other dishes included duck liver pate, deconstructed aubergine and vegetable lasagne, chicken goujons with garlic aioli and mince pies.

The Year 11 group are looking forward to a pheasant preparation masterclass after which they will all try their hand at working with pheasant.