What can I do over the summer to get ready?

As well as having a good rest and enjoying your summer holiday, there are a couple of things that we advise you to do, if you can:

1) Have a go at the Transition Tasks:

Keep your mind active over the summer by seeing if you can complete our transition booklets below:

2) Get yourself kitted out!

  • You will need a whole new uniform! Try it on, make sure it fits, and boys - practise tying your tie if you haven't worn one before.
  • Don't forget to stock up on stationery and equipment!
  • Make sure you have a strong bag for your books, and a distinctive PE bag for your kit.
  • Name EVERYTHING that you are going to bring to school with you - ask your parents to help with this.

3) Work out how to get to school - and back!

  • If you are walking - do you know where you are going and how long it will take? Are you confident doing it by yourself? Do you know when you need to leave in the morning? Practise the walk and time it!
  • If you are cycling - you will need a helmet, a road-safe bicycle, a bicycle lock and your parents' permission. Make sure you know the route and always cycle safely.
  • We can't store scooters on site - so do not scoot to school!
  • Check with your parents to see if they are going to be home when you get there, or if you need to get a house key cut.

4) Set yourself an alarm!

  • School starts at 8.40am - earlier than primary school! Make sure you know when you need to get up so that you can be here on time.