How can I buy Lunch?

If you are buying lunch, you do this in the canteen. The canteen does not                                                            take cash, so Wisepay logoyou need to make sure that your parents have topped up your Wisepay account in advance. We will give them a letter that tells them how to do this.

You will then be able to pay either by:

- tapping your key fob on the machines in the hall.

- resting your thumb on the machine in the hall.

Whether you pay by fob or fingerprint will depend on what your parents have decided is best for you.

On your first day, we will take your fingerprint if your parents have agreed that we can. If they have said no, we will give you a key fob instead. You will need to keep this very safe.

If you are buying a hot lunch, you may eat in the canteen or outside, if the weather is nice.

If you are bringing a packed lunch, you may eat in the canteen or outside, if the weather is nice.

If you are wondering what the food is like, have a look at the menus below:

Summer Menu 1

Summer Menu 2

Summer Menu 3