Covid-19 Protocols

We have included documents below relating to how we have planned to minimise risk for staff, students and visitors when they come onto the school site.

We are sharing these with you so that you can be assured that the Health and Safety of our community remains our number one priority and also to give you the confidence that coming to school is as safe as it can possibly be. 

TGS Risk Assessment March 2021

Covid-19 Testing Risk Assessment January2021

Emergency Procedures Protocol

TGS Zoning Map

The Grange School Protocols

Medical Use of PPE
Student Health and Safety Staff Health and Safety
Visitor Health and Safety  


The Grange School PAP Protocols

TGS PAP - A typical Day TGS PAP - Attendance
TGS PAP - Behaviour and Expectations TGS PAP - Daily Leadership Checklist
TGS PAP - Health and Safety TGS PAP - Safeguarding