Transition Booklets

As part of having a smooth transition to secondary school, experiencing curriculum continuity is a really important part of the process. To help with this we have created a number of booklets in a variety of subject areas.

The  subject specific booklets set out tasks that can be completed and that touch on areas of the curriculum students will explore in Year 7. It would be beneficial for students to complete these and then bring them with them on their first day of school.

Alongside this we have also created a ‘transition booklet’ that explores activities that specifically looks at a variety of things such as, reading a time table, maps of the school, expectations and school culture. This booklet aims to help students become familiar with their new school and its culture and helps to answer some of the questions they may have about the difference between primary and secondary school. 

The final booklet is called ‘looking after you’ this booklet has a number of activities that can be completed to help prepare students for transition and includes activities to support mental health and wellbeing.

Year 6 Transition Booklet Y6 transition front cover
Transition Booklet
Subject Booklets
Looking After You