Registration Forms

In order to register your child formally with us, we need you to have completed a range of forms by Wednesday 1st July 2020.

These will be sent to you by email and will arrive in May 2020.

Please ensure that you fill these in at your earliest convenience and return them by email to

Some of the forms are for all students, and there are some that you can choose to fill in depending on whether or not they apply to your child:

Forms for all students: Optional Forms:
Student Registration Form Music Scholarship Application Form
Medical Information Form Non-Scholarship Music Tuition Form
Photographic Consent Form Medical Consent Form for Anaphylaxis
Fingerprint Consent Form Emergency use of the salbutamol inhaler
Online Access Form Administration of medicines
  Minibus Booking Form


Please note that the deadline for all forms to be completed is

Wednesday, 1st July 2020.