Attendance and Absence

It is important to establish good attendance and punctuality habits when we are young, it carries us through adult life. Whilst we understand that there may be occasions when being absent from school is unavoidable, we feel that these occasions are rare. If you are having difficulties inside or outside school which are impacting on your ability to attend, please discuss this with Mrs Emery or Mrs Burke who will help you.

We have a dedicated telephone line for parents/carers to use to notify the absence of a student – 01202 497185. If we have not received a telephone call by 10am, the Student Services Administration Support Officer will contact you. If you are unable to answer the call, she will leave a message. We ask that you contact school each day of absence. We have found that this is generally welcomed by parents, not only to avoid unauthorised absence marks on the register but to ensure that all students who left home for school in the morning have arrived safely. 

At the end of each term our Headteacher rewards all students with 100% attendance for that term.

The Christchurch Learning Federation Attendance Policy, which follows the Dorset Attendance Service procedures, can be found here.

Feeling unwell during the day

If students feel unwell during the day they should ask to be excused from the lesson and report to the Medical Room with their Contact Book. The Welfare Assistant will take appropriate action which may include a period of observation in the Medical Room, returning to class or, in some circumstances, being sent home. Students should not contact their parents directly under any circumstances as it is vital that the Welfare Assistant knows when issues have arisen in order for her to safeguard students.

Leaving School during the day

If a student needs to leave school during the day, they must have parental permission in the form of a note in their logbook to do so, giving the reason for the absence. All students must sign out at Reception in order that we can be fully aware at all times who is in school and who is absent. We ask parents to make routine GP, Dentist and Optician appointments outside school hours if possible.

Leave of Absence/Holidays

The Government has made it clear that a Headteacher may not grant any leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances. For further information, please contact the Headteacher. All holiday or leave of absence requests should be put in a letter to the Headteacher.


At The Grange School students are expected to be in their tutor room ready for Registration at 8.40am. Any student arriving after that time must sign in at Reception, bringing a note from their parent/carer to explain their lateness. 

Persistent problems with punctuality will be dealt with by their Head of Year. If you are concerned about getting to school on time, please discuss this with your tutor in the first instance.

There are occasions when a student will be required to make up the missed time.