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This month, we are sharing an extract from the latest Online Safety Newsletter from Dorset Police’s Safe Schools and Communities Team. If you have a child at The Grange, I feel sure you will already have heard something about Fortnite. The following article is taken from this newsletter and a link to the full version is included below.



What do I do if my child is being bullied online?

We will always try to support you and your child, particularly if the online behaviour is linked to issues in school with other students. We can also offer support in helping you to engage with social media platforms when it comes to getting offensive material removed.  Ultimately, if you feel your child is being threatened, we will recommend police intervention.

However, many situations that come to light are often more regular friendship issues that are common amongst teenagers and those involved have often moved on in less time than it takes for us to intervene, which can be somewhat frustrating, although we are always pleased when issues are resolved positively.

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If you suspect someone is using the internet to make inappropriate contact with children, use the button below to alert the CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection), who will investigate. This does not report it to the school, but you can also contact a member of our Safeguarding team if you feel that you or another person is in danger.

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