Uniform and PE Kit

We place importance on high personal standards, and wearing the uniform proudly and correctly is a big part of this.

Please find below details of both our School Uniform and our PE Kit.


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School Uniform

School uniform must be worn at the following times:

  • Coming to school and going home from school.
  • During lessons (see blazer notes for rule on this item).

All students must ensure that their uniform is correct and smart when leaving registration periods and between all lessons.

NAVY BLAZER AND SCHOOL BADGE - The Blazer may only be removed during the morning and lunch break, and during lessons if so desired.

SHIRT (Boys) - White School Shirt.  This can be long or short sleeved, but not a fitted shirt or sports (polo) shirt. It must be worn tucked in at all times. Coloured or patterned T-Shirts/polo necks should not be visible beneath shirts.

BLOUSE (Girls) – Plain blue revere collar blouse to be worn tucked in. Girls wearing the school blouse do not need to wear a tie.

TIE - The School Tie.  This should be worn in a traditional way, with top shirt button fastened. It should not be too short or too long.

SWEATER (optional) - Navy "V" necked sweater can be worn under the blazer. A sweater cannot be worn in place of a Blazer. The sweater is not required in warmer weather.

SKIRT – Grey granite check pleated skirt. Skirts should be no shorter than just above the knee.  At no point should a skirt be rolled over at the waist.

BOYS TROUSERS - Mid Grey traditional straight cut school trousers. Black, flared, skinny or cotton "jean" type trousers are not allowed.

GIRLS TROUSERS - Navy with blue pin-stripe. (Traditional black or grey school trousers – jeans, leggings or other forms of trousers are not permitted).

COAT – This should be a traditional-style coat and should be waterproof. ‘Hoodies’ are not acceptable either as a replacement for or in addition to a traditional coat and should not be brought into school. Coats made from denim, denim-look, canvas or sweatshirt materials are not suitable.

SOCKS/TIGHTS – Black or grey socks OR navy, black or neutral tights (not patterned). Students should wear socks or tights, not both.

SHOES - Black or Dark Brown sensible shoes. Shoes should be in the traditional school style. Black trainers or canvas shoes, including black leather VANS or equivalent, are not acceptable. Boots must not be worn. Shoe heel must be a maximum of 5cm. High heels or platforms are not acceptable. Trainers are only to be worn for PE and not as part of normal school dress. Trainers are not to be worn to and from school. Traditional school shoes will be issued if students wear anything other than sensible school shoes.

HAIR - Hair should be traditionally styled.  Extremes of fashion, e.g. shaved hair less than grade 2, undercuts, beads, braids, extensions, unnatural tints, dyes and highlights are not acceptable for school. Patterns being shaved into the hair are also unacceptable.

JEWELLERY - Piercings - One pair of small studs may be worn. One in each ear or a single stud in one ear, in the ear-lobe only. NO OTHER visible body piercings are allowed e.g. nose studs, eyebrow rings, tongue studs. NO KEEPERS/RETAINERS allowed. Lobe-stretching in the form of flesh-holes, flesh tunnels or flesh plugs are unacceptable.

One simple signet type ring may be worn, rings with raised surfaces are not permitted.

Necklaces must not be visible. Heavy bead necklaces are not acceptable.

No bracelets, including wrist/ankle bands

Tattoos (traditional or Henna) are only permitted for religious reasons.

All Jewellery must be removed for P.E. on Health and Safety grounds.

The school cannot be responsible for lost jewellery.

MAKE-UP may be worn if it is discreet. If it can be seen it is not discreet. Eye make-up and nail varnish should not be worn.  Acrylic nails, Gelish and Shellac are not permitted.

PE Kit


Victory girls polo shirt

Navy blue shorts

Navy blue skirt (optional)

Training/running trainers only (Not plimsolls)

White sports socks

Navy blue football socks

Football boots

Shin pads

Long hair must be tied up



The Grange reversible rugby top

Navy blue jogging bottoms (to be worn at the discretion of the teacher)

Mouth guard

Sports bra (where necessary)




The Grange challenge polo shirt

The Grange reversible rugby top

Navy shorts

Training/running trainers only (Not plimsolls)

White sports socks

Navy football socks

Studded football/rugby boots

Shin pads

Mouth guard




Long hair must be tied up