Induction Day

Induction Day this year will be on Wednesday, 1st July

The plan for the day for students is:



Students and parents may enter and meet at the side entrance of the hall. Staff and prefects will be on hand to show Year 6 students to their new tutor groups.   


Welcome and Assembly in the hall.

A chance for students to meet other students in their year and tutor group as well as a range of key staff who are there to support them both during the day and once they start with us in September.


Tutor Time

Meet tutors, go to tutor rooms for an introductory talk followed by a tour of the school. Students will be given a timetable for the day which will include a range of normal lessons.

10:05-11:00am Lesson 1

11:00-11:20 Break

A chance to compare notes with friends.

11:20-12:20pm Lesson 2
12:20-1:00pm Lesson 3

1:00 - 2.10pm Lunch

Lesson 3 is cut short by 20 minutes because Year 6 students will go for lunch before the rest of the school. Students need to bring a packed lunch and may either sit in the hall or, if the weather is nice, use the picnic tables outside.

2:15pm Registration in tutor groups.
2.20-3pm Lesson 4
3pm Students return to the hall to meet parents.


For parents:

2:15pm - Meeting in the hall for parents.

This meeting will start promptly at 2.15pm and will be a chance for you to meet the Year 7 team and hear short talks from Mrs Garman (current Head of School) and the Head of Year 7. Suppliers of school uniform, shoes and P.E. kit will have items of uniform on display which you may view following the meeting.

We are looking forward to meeting you on the Induction Day, but if you have any questions beforehand then please do not hesitate to contact us via the main school reception.