Catch Up Premium

The government provides secondary schools with additional funding for any Year 7 student who has not achieved at least a score of 99 in reading and/or maths at Key Stage 2.

Based on this criteria, The Grange School currently has 88 students entitled to this Catch-Up funding. As a result, this intervention is headed up by the Assistant Head of Teaching, Learning and Progress, along with the Head of Year 7/SENDCo, who continually liaises with Heads of Subject and parents to provide the best intervention programme possible for these students.

The school has the strong belief that if these students ‘catch up’ with their peers, they will not only have a better chance of achieving the highest grades possible at the end of KS4 but also enjoy their school experience further and have more of an opportunity to become lifelong learners.

Please see below for more information on how we use this premium.

Catch Up Premium Date  
Catch Up Premium Report 02nd Nov 2016 Download